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Western Health is the fastest-growing public health service in Australia, serving one of the country’s most diverse populations. Our pharmacists are an essential part of the life-changing care we provide to this community, supplying and optimising medication therapy for our patients in close consultation with their medical teams.

As our facilities and catchment area grow, our pharmacy team is set to expand rapidly. We’re creating dozens of brand new pharmacy positions, meaning a wealth of opportunity for early career pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to hone their skills and move up the ranks within our organisation.

Working at Western Health, you’ll get the chance to provide care across a broad range of clinical settings – including oncology, respiratory, paediatrics, maternity, emergency, ICU, aged care, and community outreach programs – meeting and assisting patients from all walks of life.

Pharmacy on the frontline.

In the early days of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Western Health pharmacists were suddenly thrust into the spotlight when they were called to administer some of the country’s first vaccines at Melbourne International Airport.

Throughout 2021, our vaccination program administered more than a million vaccines, sometimes to more than 2000 people per day, at more than 14 vaccination hubs, including Melbourne Showgrounds, Sunshine Hospital, and multiple drive-through and pop-up sites.

Working under high-pressure conditions, with a vaccine that had to be maintained at a very specific temperature, our pharmacy team bought their signature cool-headedness and professionalism to a constantly-evolving situation, making us, and our community, incredibly proud.

camaraderie meets chemistry.

Hospital pharmacy sits right at the intersection of patient care and cutting-edge technology. Our pharmacists at Western Health are a tight-knit and highly skilled group, working closely with our wider medical teams, supporting each other every step of the way, mentoring and encouraging our newer recruits while paving the way for our more experienced pharmacists to step into senior leadership positions.

Clinically, Western Health is committed to providing the very best in pharmaceutical care from the dispensary right through to the ward. We’re currently preparing to introduce the first automated medication storage system in a metropolitan Victorian hospital, an industry-leading dispensary “robot” that will reduce human handling time and let our pharmacists focus even more on in-depth patient care.

Interested in being at the forefront of hospital pharmacy? Right now, we’re hiring:

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  • Grade 1 pharmacy technicians
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In a community pharmacy setting, you might be used to being the only pharmacist on site. A hospital setting could not be more different.

As a Western Health pharmacist, you’ll be embedded in a large and diverse team of medicines experts, treating an enormous variety of patient presentations. You’ll have the support and guidance of highly-respected senior pharmacists, and work shoulder-to-shoulder with doctors and nurses across multiple sites and specialty clinics. You’ll see the results of your work in action, and dive deeper into new forms of medical technology and patient care.

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We encourage both junior and experienced international applicants to apply for positions at Western Health. For applicants elsewhere in the world, we can help guide you through the process of getting your accreditation carried over.

The current Victorian Relocation Program can also provide a $10,000 allowance to assist with the move to Melbourne. We’re currently expanding the additional relocation support we can offer overseas hires, and will be updating applicants further on this during the recruitment process.

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